Shared Ownership

An affordable way to get on the property ladder.

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Discover Shared Ownership

Take the more modern approach to stepping up the property ladder. Start your journey with as little as 5% deposit.

For growing numbers of the population, shared ownership is the first step out of renting and onto the property ladder. Shared ownership allows for the purchase of between 10% and 75% of a property for a deposit of 5% to 10% of that share, with rent paid on the remainder to the landlord. This is designed to help those with a steady income but a relatively small cash deposit.

Monthly costs will consist of a mortgage on the percentage share purchased and rent on the share you don’t own plus a service charge. The amount you will pay towards your mortgage will be dependent on the value of the share purchased and the deposit put down, the remaining length of your mortgage and the interest rate charged by your lender.

Shared ownership offers the ability to own up to 100% of the property through a process known as staircasing by incremental purchase of additional shares within the property until 100% ownership has been achieved.

Our approach is to provide liveable homes through design-led solutions where affordability and desirability go hand in hand. Our homes are user-friendly and functional. We also focus on the sustainable benefit that comes with every scheme through analysis of the existing site assets and utilising the embedded carbon, right from the outset ensuring housing locations and communities are set for a brighter future.

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