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About Zen Housing

Offering affordable homes to our communities.

At Zen, we cherish positive feedback just as much as constructive critiques. We encourage our residents to share any compliments about the outstanding service or experiences they’ve received, whether from Zen, our property managers, or any associated party. Celebrating excellence motivates us all to continue providing the best for our community.

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We recognise that there might be moments when things don’t align with expectations. When they arise, we encourage you to reach out so we can promptly and efficiently rectify and evolve from any oversights.

While we are your housing provider, our trusted property management partners oversee the day-to-day handling of our properties. Given their expertise, they should be your first point of contact for any queries or grievances regarding the service. You can find their specific complaints process on their website. For easy access, click here to connect with your property manager.

We strive to uphold impeccable service standards. Should you feel discontented with the service from either us or our property management partners, know that we are always open to understanding and assisting.

Defining a complaint

Aligned with the Housing Ombudsman Code, a complaint is perceived as any expression of dissatisfaction, irrespective of its medium. It could relate to the quality of service, actions, or inactions by our organisation, our team, or those representing us (which includes our property management partners) that impacts an individual or a group of residents.

Quick Resolution

When we receive any negative feedback, our priority is to address it swiftly. A Zen representative will reach out to the complainant within 2 working days to work towards an agreeable solution. This approach is more immediate than our formal process, aiming to resolve issues without the need for in-depth investigations or formal letters.

Formal Complaints

Should our quick resolution not suffice, or if you prefer to lodge a formal complaint, we have a structured two-stage process:

Stage One

Upon receiving your complaint, we’ll delve into the matter and aim to provide a written response within 5 working days, keeping you informed throughout. Typically, if the issue pertains to Zen or one of our contractors, we aim for a full resolution within 20 calendar days. If external parties are involved, such as in the maintenance of common areas, we still target that 20-day resolution window. Should any delays arise, we’ll ensure you’re informed and updated.

Stage Two

If you’re not satisfied with our Stage One outcome, you can escalate your complaint to Stage Two within 15 working days of receiving our response. At this stage, you’ll have an opportunity to provide additional details to our appeal panel. This panel, comprising an independent board member and a senior Zen staff member unassociated with the initial case, will thoroughly review your concerns. You can expect a written response from them within 15 working days. This marks the culmination of Zen’s complaint procedure.

You can log your complaint below by filling out our online Get In Touch Form or by contacting complaints@zenhousinguk.com

The Housing Ombudsman

The Housing Ombudsman Service is an impartial, independent body established to address disputes between tenants and leaseholders of social landlords. Their service is free and always aims to provide a fair resolution.

You can reach out to the Housing Ombudsman for independent advice regarding your complaint at any stage. However, if after completing our internal procedure you remain dissatisfied, you have the option to request the Housing Ombudsman to review your complaint. You are eligible to approach them 8 weeks post the completion of Zen’s complaint process.

Address: Housing Ombudsman Service, PO Box 152, Liverpool, L33 7WQ
Website: www.housing-ombudsman.org.uk
Telephone: 0300 111 3000
Email: info@housing-ombudsman.org.uk

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